Week 15 // Artist Interview – Michael Clute And Lorraine Dasouki


Man, this weeks exhibit was a treat, getting the chance to see all the graduating BFA student’s art work was amazing. I had to force myself to try and focus on a specific artist that I really enjoyed from that whole show, and Michael Clute was the man. His artwork was truly unique in my eyes, after getting to read his little bio that he had for himself what stood out to me the most was the key word “Star Wars.” His inspiration and hobby through games really leaked out onto his artwork and you can definitely see how. But his piece made with cardboard blew my mind. To see something so disposable be used to create something so breathtaking is a gift and I’m so glad to have gotten to see his work.

I also loved Lorraine’s work because it reminded heavily of Pixar and Disney. Her artwork strikes emotions of happiness, joy, as if you just finished watching a classical pixar movie like Toy Story. I loved her bio as well, while it made me laugh and smile, her artwork made me engaged and joyful.

Again, after seeing all these amazing artist and their amazing work, I’m truly thankful for the wonderful opportunity that was given to me through this class. I want to continue my appreciation with art by being involved somehow, and my future goal of getting a tattoo will be a permanent reminder that art is not only a gift to perform but also to see. Thank you!


Week 14 // Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak

(The featured image was painted by Charles Banowetz, and had to be one of the most impressive paintings I have ever laid my eyes on.)

And we meet again…

And once again, I am blown away by her talent. I realize after seeing many artist week after week, I come to the decision that my favorite style of art is between pen and ink or landscape artwork. And Elaine’s painting came out pristine. Her landscaping artwork are amazingly beautiful, truly taking my breathe away. I stood there, staring at her paintings, a lot longer than I really should have. But I couldn’t help notice her intricate details, her use of colors, the way she drew her clouds, all of it worked so well together and meshed into an amazing piece.

Everyone must remember seeing her before, I know that I did, and her passion of drawing landscapes that’s are inspired by looking out her backyard has evolved. This time around, I’m completely lost in her pieces. Not to say that her pieces before were bad, not at all, but this time around, I just can’t say anything  else but that I love her artwork. Landscaping artwork truly makes it real for me, and as I gaze into the artwork, I imagine myself surround by the art where I feel that I’m almost there, looking out into a beautiful mountain side.

This kind of art makes me appreciate the human capabilities so much more. Such great talent that is surpassing what I believe is possible. And I thank you for sharing your artwork with our class, thank you.

Week 10 // Artist Interview – Dawn Ertle

This week’s artist that I got the honor to meet was Dawn Ertle. Her gallery was named “One Nation Under God.” and it displayed her amazing fabric skills of weaving threads together to make a piece. The materials she used to fulfill her artworks were yarn that she dyed, straws, plastic bags, and strawberry crates. My first thought walking into her gallery was music. Normally I never heard or maybe noticed that there was music but this time, that’s almost the very first thing I noticed. It was settle, quiet, and when asked about the music choice, Ertle exclaimed that the music’s sole purpose was for it to be extra noise.

Dawn Ertle was involved in making a difference within the Environmental Issues for 6 to 7 years. So one of her art pieces was dedicated towards bringing awareness to the climate and weather. So within her weaves, she used weather patterns to create her artwork, while also using plastic bags as part of her materials. I completely agree with how we must truly be more aware of how the climate has changed over a span of five years. The pictures of how drastic the water levels has dropped is breathtaking and terrifying. I’m glad that she represented this through her artwork and I hope that with awareness she can bring a difference.

Overall, the gallery was a true sight to see that I was very fond of. Her passion and personality is clearly shown in her artwork. I really enjoyed her weather piece and hope that that artwork can truly bring a difference to our home.

Week 9 // Artist Interview – Michael Rollins.


An Artist that inspires to find his creativity through the concept of freedom, freedom in art. I was given the privilege to talk to artist Michael Rollins about his abstract painting. The key difference that I picked out from this kind of abstract painting compared to the ones we’ve got to see before was that he has no concept. His style or more over his ritual starts off with him splattering paint over a blank canvas and from there allowing his imagination to carry him from there.

I feel that his style is quite unorthodox but that that also makes him purely unique and specialized with what he does. He chooses to use colors that he feels are common to the human eye, especially red where he feels that it represents humanity or human flesh. Moreover, the painting that I got to carefully look at made me feel strangely satisfied. The color coordination and the fuse and gaps between the colors draws my attentions to seek out details. To me, looking at Michael Rollins’s painting felt just as satisfying as popping all the bubble wrap bubbles. That strange sensation of gratification through a deep and pleasant sigh. I thoroughly enjoyed this weeks artist interview and I am eager for what’s in store.

Week 6 // Artist Interview – Alanna Marcelletti


Man, once again, an art piece that I haven’t seen before.. every week has been blowing my mind away. Alanna was so gentle and sweet in her tone of voice, it made it easy to ask her questions and it really didn’t feel like an interview this time, rather a conversation. Her art work was so unique where it had layers. The canvas was it’s foundation and the layers of silk like fabric on top. As you look into the piece, you feel it’s gentleness and definitely come to appreciate it’s work.

She explained that she even used part of a wedding dress in one of her pieces, and explained how she absolutely loves to paint and sculpture. She’s pregnant and told us that once her baby girl comes, she would probably start doing her artwork that was inspired by her baby. Alanna also explained how she would like to work with feminism within her artwork which is extremely unique and admirable.

I left the conversation realized that texture is so important in making an art piece stand out. And how much variety and creativity there is that can be done on a plain white canvas. Thank you Alanna for that insight.

Week 5 // Artist Interview – Dianna Franco //


Most memorable conversation I ever had with an artist so far…

She was so nice and polite in her way of speech that it really engaged my attention in the conversation. Her art piece was definitely more unique in terms of it’s style. It seems like I always say that I’ve never seen this kind of art, but really, I’ve never seen this kind of style of art. She said that her inspiration comes from outer space and I can see what she means.

The balances of her colors truly exaggerates her style of art, where she blends darker colors on the outside and brighter colors in the inside. Also another technique that she implements is where she doesn’t name her art pieces. She explained that for her art, she wants it also to be made by her audience as well. She wants people to look at her piece and make a story of it on their own. The art piece I took a picture of to me first just looked like an abstract painting of purple and blue colors. But as I look carefully and more in dept, I see bricks and for me it looks like foundation.

Overall, I had a pleasure talking to Dianna and I really hope to see her work again in the near future.

Week 3 // Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak //


An artist with a view…

A hilltop view in fact. I got to learn that Yireh lives in a house on top of a hill which then gives her tons of inspiration to paint her masterpieces. She considers herself an oil painter and wants her artwork to speak of nature and it’s enemy, pollution. She named her gallery “Harmony and Discordance where she explained that Harmony is used to describe the harmonious side of nature. Where she believes that nature is honest in that it grows with exactly what it’s fed. If that plant is grown with bad soil, it will grow badly, where as if the soil is rich and good, it will grow beautifully. And Discordance was used to describe pollution rotting the beauty of nature. She used an example of a coal powered factory or even a freeway loaded with gasoline powered vehicles. She also worked with her partner where they split the work in terms of Yireh painted the more vibrant and ‘green’ artwork whereas her partner did the dirty, yet beautifully drawn, pollution artwork.

What spoke to me about her was that as she talked, I could already sense that not only does she paint her art, but live out her artwork. What I mean by that is where she seems to very realistically paint her pieces then make an conscious effort into making it known that “Hey, there’s a problem here, and we need to know about it.” I never got the chance to ask her what she wanted to accomplish from her artwork, but I could already tell that her goal was ultimately to grab her audience’s attention to the clear reality of the beauty of nature getting ripped apart by pollution… which WE are the cause of. With knowing a problem, there’s always a solution. We could ride a bike, recycle, reduce, reuse…. make the world GREEN!

Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley “Layers Of the Unwanted Glass.”


Maccabee Shelley, even from the photo of him you can tell that he has passion in what he does. His artwork and style is truly one of a kind, I really have never seen anything like it. What caught my attention to investigate his artwork more carefully was that it made me reminisce that time where as a family we went on a vacation to Yellowstone. There we got the chance to stop by a “Crystal Cave” where beautiful forms of rock were sculpted by mother nature. Shelley’s artwork consisted of him sculpting his art pieces by finding glass with no redemption value, simply described as “trash,” but instead Shelley forms these ‘Trash glass’ into beautiful pieces of vagrant colors and shapes of all form. His passion in being environmentally green and following his dream of being an artist can’t be fulfilled in any other better way (in my opinion) than what he’s accomplishing right now this very moment. He has truly instilled in me a new eye for art where art doesn’t just have to consist of clay or paint, but instead artist these days can truly go above and beyond and find different ways to express their passion such as Shelley and his Glass.

Now, from getting to talk to him and also hearing other students ask him questions, I got to learn that it takes him about 100 hours on average for one big piece to be completed. Also that he tends to use green or yellow bottles because of its easy to find this glass where as finding a blue bottle for him is like finding real money. It’s extremely rare for him to come by a blue glass bottle.