Week 12 // Artist Interview – Ashley Sharpe


Meow. This week, I had an amazing opportunity to meet Ashley Sharpe and her exhibit “Meow.” After reading her artist statement, I got to learn that this exhibit wasn’t just about her love for cats, but it went much more deeper than that. For her, she suffered depression and anxiety because of changes in her life she had to overcome and with her strength and the help of her feline companions, she has overcome her obstacles. Cats are amazing and it’s not hard to see that the world loves them over the internet. The oh so iconic “Grumpy Cat” who has tons more followers on instagram than even human beings. Cat’s are celebrities and Ashley sees that as well. As I got to talk to her, she felt so bright and warm. She’s so bubbly and sweet that you just can’t deny that she’s love-able. Her exhibit also expresses her personality, with the gallery covered in different ways to showcase her art.

She expresses not only her work through graphic design but also from printmaking. Her techniques and passions are growing beyond her comfort zone of graphic arts. And with all her work obviously surrounded with the theme of Cats. Her work was not only cute but beautiful and intricate. I love the little details that she included throughout her gallery such as the glitter, yarn, etc.

Ashley Sharpe seems to be an amazing person with an amazing personality. I hope to see her dreams turn into realities and for success to come her way. Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity!


Week 12 // Activity – Procedural Art


1. Go to http://superlooper.universlabs.co.uk/

2. Start with setting your tempo

3. Next start with setting up your own drum beat.

4. Then set up with your own rhythm section.

5. Then your cords and bass if you choose too.

6. End it with setting up your lead.

7. Record it and share it on your wordpress.


I’ve always had a huge desire to create my own music, specifically my own beats. If I had resources, I would love to get myself an MPC which is an instrument that allows your to sample your own sounds to help you create your own beats. An MPC is wildly used in the DJing world so that they can create unique sounds that no one has ever heard before. This website gives me a chance to do something like that on a small scale.

After setting my desired tempo, I always like to start off with setting up my drum sounds. It gives me a good back ground to what I want to make.


Then from here I start to create my music piece. What I could make on the website is most techno because of what I am constraint with, but all in all, I try to have an upbeat sample no matter how I make it sound. I feel that music always stirs emotions and I’m the type of guy who hates being pessimistic even in my music.

Final Product:


I love the result I get through this program. And I know you will too. The possibilities from this is endless, and more than anything, it’s really a lot of fun. I could spend hours and hours dabbling on this website and creating more art.

Week 12 // Student Interview – Khadinh Tran

For this week, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Khadinh Tran. I got to know that she’s a sophomore who is majoring in healthcare administration, and aspires to become either a nurse or a physicians assistant. As I got to talk to her more and more, her personality felt very radiant and passionate. You could tell by way she talks that she really loves life and what life has given her. As I got to learn more about her, I learned that she loves to be active outdoors. Khadinh loves to shop, go to the beach, camp, anything she can do outside, she adores. And her willingness to step out of her comfort-zone aspires me to follow in her footsteps.

As she explained her upbringings and life, I can feel her heart that cares and seeks to help people. More than just doing the things she loves, she also explained how she loves to make people just as joyful as she is with life. That kind of heart is rare and something I constantly try to work on on myself. This complete selfless love for others.

I am deeply thankful for the opportunity that was given to meet Khadinh and what she has taught me. And again, I can’t wait to meet someone just as inspiring.

Week 11 // Activity – Sculpture


I really had a huge desire to work at the beach but because of time constraints, I had to make due and work with what I had at home… here’s my story.

I started off really stressed, not because I was worried about the work, but mainly because I couldn’t fulfill this activity at the beach. I tried my best to go, but it would have been much more responsible to just work diligently at home. So with the sun high in the sky, I started off with filling a bucket full of part soil and part sand. It definitely wasn’t the kind of sand texture you get from the beach but it was grainy and solid, so I gave it a try. With some effort in trying to get the sand mixture wet by pour some water as well as stirring, I created my mold. This part was quite tricky for that my hole to create my mold in was concealed in a bucket having this boundary for space. With some effort and tries, I got it the way I wanted and poured in the plaster. After waiting about thirty minutes, I wasn’t expecting it to come out so easily. “Dig your creation out…” I had no idea what that meant. But to my surprise, that was the easiest part and my creation was much more satisfying that I would have thought.

The details between the fingers shaping the hand left me thoroughly surprised. It got me thinking how much more possibilities there are with plaster. Plaster has two shapes where one is as fluid as water then when it sets, hard as a solid rock. I could see plaster being used in art to be shaped into pottery as well. All in all though, I am really glad that I got to do this assignment, even if it meant being done at home. Doing the activity made me feel as if I was at the beach, that’s what matters. Thank you.

Week 11 // Student Interview – Eugene Kaler

This week I had the privilege to talk to Eugene Kaler who is a Senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He is a man that aspires and dreams to one day work in the aerospace industry with the company Boeing. Eugene seems to have things all together, I got to learn that he figured out what he wanted to do pretty late but once he knew it was all set in stone from there. I’m willing to bet that it was a rough upbringing with all the changes he had to make from transferring schools and all, but he is a man of persistence and definitely gives me an understanding that he has goals to achieve.

I can’t say anything bad about this guy, I had a really easy and comfortable time talking to him. I enjoyed sharing information about myself but as well as Eugene getting into detail about his life as well. I really hope that his dreams and goals come to reality.

He also has an amazing talent and hobby of making cars. If you check out his website, he has pictures of his Audi A4 that he personally works on. That kind of hobby is definitely no joke, and all in all I really hope the best for him and for success to come his way!

Week 11 // Artist Interview – Kruse And Pena

If anyone asks me about how I feel which is my favorite style of art, I would have to say graffiti. Apart from the message that it “sometimes” can give out, I love the risky-ness of it, the possibility of getting in trouble, and overall if done for purely art, I absolutely love how the end product always comes out to be. Hip-hop culture and graffiti culture is linked together I would say. Reason I bring this up is because this week’s artists Kruse and Pena were born through the cultures of Graffiti. They both started off loving and doing graffiti art until they decided to form more conventional art styles while incorporating their passions.

Their gallery was named 5620 and displayed an array of art pieces, paintings, and more. One thing that I really enjoyed about their exhibit was that the moment you look closer to the details of their whole room was the moment you caught your eyes on something new. Every inch of that room had something to see. Both these guys were really easy to break conversation with. It made it that much more enjoyable to ask them more and more questions.

This week’s art gallery was definitely one of a kind and one to remember. I love the details that they put not only in their artwork but in their whole art gallery. Their whole display was intriguing and overall and experience that I hope I never forget.

Week 10 // Activity – Invasion!

For this weeks activity, I really wanted to do something out of the box. Something dangerous and something that involves a lot of skill… After deep and heavy consideration, I came up with the idea of invading another campus. My goal for this activity was to blend in and observe the life of a student from a different university. My options were, UCLA, USC, CSULA, Cypress Community College, Cerritos Community College, and Biola. After generating my choices in a “spinning wheel” app, it landed on Biola! Biola is a private Christian university in La Mirada. I have no connection with Biola, not even one friend… but with that fear, I was even more motivated to spend a day at Biola blending in as a student.

I started my day off at 2 p.m. after grabbing some lunch. I presumed with finding a seat in their student lounge area with my laptop and backpack to disguise myself. I put a movie on to make it seem like I was occupied while majority of the time I was people watching. I realized that Biola was a bit more lively. Biola’s campus is really small, which made it seem like everyone knew each other. I noticed a specific person wandering from group to group while being greeted everywhere he went. I was both shocked and amused to see that a campus could be so united. Compared to Long Beach, Long Beach is more mellow and independent where from my observation Biola is more alive and ecstatic. I continued by walking around the campus and just enjoying their garden, artworks, and gym. They have a small but very functional gym with weights, treadmills, and an indoor basketball court not too far away.

For my last goal before I left the campus, I wanted to meet a student of Biola. I met a girl name Sophia Paik who was just doing some work in the student lounge. I exposed my true identity as a CSULB student and asked her if I could ask her some easy questions. She was really easy to talk to and almost seemed eager to hear my questions. I asked questions like why did you choose Biola, what do you love/hate about Biola, Etc. She mentioned that Biola is like a small town, everyone knows of each other whether you like it or not. Even if by chance you don’t know someone, you’ll definitely run into them at least three times per day. But she loves that Biola is a home to Christians from around the world. She explained that she met a friend who’s parent’s were missionaries in Indonesia, so the stories she’s heard from him were amazing and encouraging to hear. That kind of opportunity seemed amazing and after talking to her for awhile, I left Biola realizing that it’s so different from CSULB. Apart from being a Christian University, the main thing that I envied was how united the campus was. But more than anything though, CSULB will be my home always and I can’t leave my precious Rec Center that we are blessed with at Long Beach.

Week 10 // Artist Interview – Dawn Ertle

This week’s artist that I got the honor to meet was Dawn Ertle. Her gallery was named “One Nation Under God.” and it displayed her amazing fabric skills of weaving threads together to make a piece. The materials she used to fulfill her artworks were yarn that she dyed, straws, plastic bags, and strawberry crates. My first thought walking into her gallery was music. Normally I never heard or maybe noticed that there was music but this time, that’s almost the very first thing I noticed. It was settle, quiet, and when asked about the music choice, Ertle exclaimed that the music’s sole purpose was for it to be extra noise.

Dawn Ertle was involved in making a difference within the Environmental Issues for 6 to 7 years. So one of her art pieces was dedicated towards bringing awareness to the climate and weather. So within her weaves, she used weather patterns to create her artwork, while also using plastic bags as part of her materials. I completely agree with how we must truly be more aware of how the climate has changed over a span of five years. The pictures of how drastic the water levels has dropped is breathtaking and terrifying. I’m glad that she represented this through her artwork and I hope that with awareness she can bring a difference.

Overall, the gallery was a true sight to see that I was very fond of. Her passion and personality is clearly shown in her artwork. I really enjoyed her weather piece and hope that that artwork can truly bring a difference to our home.

Week 10 // Student Interview – Eddie Fernandez

For this week’s student interview, I got the privilege to meet Eddie Fernandez. I took a different direction this week where in Eddie’s case he actually isn’t an enrolled student here at Cal State Long Beach, instead he was actually here because of his girlfriend Jasmine Ann Barnum. He originally resides at Oregon University, the home of the Ducks. He was in town visiting his girlfriend and was convinced into coming along with her to fulfill her art assignments. As I was saying hello to Jasmine I noticed him hovering over her just as a boyfriend would. He was wearing a white tee shirt, Oregon basketball shorts, and had a Oregon inspired Nike backpack. Coincidentally, I’m actually a huge Oregon football fan, ever since the era of LaMichael James, I fell in love with their football program. I asked Eddie if he was a fan as well where instead I received the shocking answer that that was actually where he went to school. After hearing that… I had to talk to him.

We walked around looking at the artwork for the week, and made “deep” conversation in regards to his life in Oregon. I got to learn that to him Oregon was actually his dream school as well. He initially fell in love with Oregon because of their competitive track team that they have. Even though he isn’t a part of the team yet, he aspires to be on the roster for next year’s 2015-2016 Track Team. I got to have an awesome conversation with someone who is even more eccentric. I’m truly thankful once again to have an opportunity to make a new friend.

Week 9 // Artist Interview – Michael Rollins.


An Artist that inspires to find his creativity through the concept of freedom, freedom in art. I was given the privilege to talk to artist Michael Rollins about his abstract painting. The key difference that I picked out from this kind of abstract painting compared to the ones we’ve got to see before was that he has no concept. His style or more over his ritual starts off with him splattering paint over a blank canvas and from there allowing his imagination to carry him from there.

I feel that his style is quite unorthodox but that that also makes him purely unique and specialized with what he does. He chooses to use colors that he feels are common to the human eye, especially red where he feels that it represents humanity or human flesh. Moreover, the painting that I got to carefully look at made me feel strangely satisfied. The color coordination and the fuse and gaps between the colors draws my attentions to seek out details. To me, looking at Michael Rollins’s painting felt just as satisfying as popping all the bubble wrap bubbles. That strange sensation of gratification through a deep and pleasant sigh. I thoroughly enjoyed this weeks artist interview and I am eager for what’s in store.