Week 15 // Artist Interview – Michael Clute And Lorraine Dasouki


Man, this weeks exhibit was a treat, getting the chance to see all the graduating BFA student’s art work was amazing. I had to force myself to try and focus on a specific artist that I really enjoyed from that whole show, and Michael Clute was the man. His artwork was truly unique in my eyes, after getting to read his little bio that he had for himself what stood out to me the most was the key word “Star Wars.” His inspiration and hobby through games really leaked out onto his artwork and you can definitely see how. But his piece made with cardboard blew my mind. To see something so disposable be used to create something so breathtaking is a gift and I’m so glad to have gotten to see his work.

I also loved Lorraine’s work because it reminded heavily of Pixar and Disney. Her artwork strikes emotions of happiness, joy, as if you just finished watching a classical pixar movie like Toy Story. I loved her bio as well, while it made me laugh and smile, her artwork made me engaged and joyful.

Again, after seeing all these amazing artist and their amazing work, I’m truly thankful for the wonderful opportunity that was given to me through this class. I want to continue my appreciation with art by being involved somehow, and my future goal of getting a tattoo will be a permanent reminder that art is not only a gift to perform but also to see. Thank you!


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