Week 14 // Student Interview – Guillermo Vargas

This week, I had the honor to meet Guillermo Vargas. He’s a first year majoring in Mechanical Engineering hoping to make his career focused on making vintage cars. He was inspired and uprooted by his uncle who is instilled in him a passion for cars. His uncle help him see cars as much more than just a heap of metal, but instead a work of art ready to be painted. One interesting fact that I got to learn about Guillermo was that he worked at In-N-Out, arguably the best “Fast-Food” restaurant ever to be made. We got to talk a lot more about that and ended up on the subject of working out. As a fitness major, we got to talk and just enjoy each other’s conversation about our biggest accomplishment with fitness. For him, he’s trying to make weight and grow stronger and bigger, which is exactly what I’m striving for as well. It’s not an easy road, but I got to encourage him to keep fighting, because I truly believe that it’s so worth it.

Getting to know Guillermo was a gift and he’s an overall solid guy. An alpha male who loves sports, raised in the iconic Saint John Bosco, and a man with responsibilities. I truly hope for the best for him with school family, and his future.


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