Week 14 // Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak

(The featured image was painted by Charles Banowetz, and had to be one of the most impressive paintings I have ever laid my eyes on.)

And we meet again…

And once again, I am blown away by her talent. I realize after seeing many artist week after week, I come to the decision that my favorite style of art is between pen and ink or landscape artwork. And Elaine’s painting came out pristine. Her landscaping artwork are amazingly beautiful, truly taking my breathe away. I stood there, staring at her paintings, a lot longer than I really should have. But I couldn’t help notice her intricate details, her use of colors, the way she drew her clouds, all of it worked so well together and meshed into an amazing piece.

Everyone must remember seeing her before, I know that I did, and her passion of drawing landscapes that’s are inspired by looking out her backyard has evolved. This time around, I’m completely lost in her pieces. Not to say that her pieces before were bad, not at all, but this time around, I just can’t say anything  else but that I love her artwork. Landscaping artwork truly makes it real for me, and as I gaze into the artwork, I imagine myself surround by the art where I feel that I’m almost there, looking out into a beautiful mountain side.

This kind of art makes me appreciate the human capabilities so much more. Such great talent that is surpassing what I believe is possible. And I thank you for sharing your artwork with our class, thank you.


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