Week 13 // Student Interview – Katie Leyba

I was blessed with a moment to meet Katie Leyba who is a 2nd year majoring in Electrical Engineering. Right of the bat, you already know that she has a drive and passion to work hard. With a major like electrical engineering, you can’t just sit around and hope for things to come, you have to work hard and diligent and deserve the grade that you get. Getting to know her, I learned that she has a motivation to wanting to advance technology focused on helping people, whether it’s through sickness or well-being. And to meet someone who is passionate about making this world a better place to live in is truly one of a kind in my book.

She not only seemed kind but was and was extremely polite and engaged as we conversed. It’s not easy to make this “assignment” feel not like one but she made it feel like meeting a new friend. I was glad to have met her and overall was so blown away by her ambitions and goals. I hope for her endeavors to come as successful and that she continues to strive for bigger and better outcomes. I foresee a great future for her and I really wish for her goals to become realities.


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