Week 13 // Extra Credit – Jairo Ubeda “License Plate Art’

Step 1) Grab a blank piece of paper and two different colored markers. Step 2) Find a very kind person to drive you around for 15 minutes or so. Step 3) Pay close attention to the license plates from various different cars. Step 4) Chose one colored marker for California and the other colored marker for the out of state license plates. Step 5) Only write down the first letter of each state. Step 6) Start in the center of your paper and work your way around in a spiral motion. Step 7) Stop as soon you hit the edge of a paper…… or until the driver gets annoyed of driving.

On this beautiful sunny Sunday, on my way to church which takes an average about 15-25 minutes, I attentively started working on this assignment. My normal route to church requires me to take the 91 freeway which helps with the variety of cars I will drive by. To my surprise, I was stunned by the amount of non-Californian license plates I got to see. I was predicting that I was only going to get to see maybe maximum five but instead I actually got to see 13. It creates in me this curiosity of wanting to know why they’re here, do they live here? Are they on vacation? All the way from Texas, to the beautiful beach side shores of California.

My end result was interesting and it was a pleasure to complete this assignment. California is a great place to live, with great opportunities, great lifestyle, and especially great weather, who wouldn’t want to come to California. Right?


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