Week 13 // Artist Interview – SHIHORI NAKAYAM


This week I had the privilege to speak to an amazing artist, Shihori Nakayam.

Her gallery was dubbed “Recapturing the Moment” and why she named it that was because every piece in her gallery was inspired by keen memories that she just remembers. If you see her artwork, there are no patterns to her pieces as a whole, but her style and flavor is engraved in each piece. When asking her what her motivation and inspiration to creating her work was was that she just remembers images of her daily life where she then begins to draw with her pen and ink. I absolutely love her style of work, it’s so intricate while so simplistic. Even though the two describing words are contradicting, to met it describes her work perfectly. When you see step back and see the art as a whole, you notice beautiful lines and a great picture, but the moment you step forward and notice the details… you see something new and amazing.

Another style that she adopted apart from pen and ink was this art style of layering papers over each other with different foundations. Those artworks were done in pastel colors that really made the art soft and beautiful to look at.

I absolutely loved her artwork and what she does, I really hope that she continues to be inspired and for her career to only advance. I wish her and best and am once again so thankful for the opportunity to meet her.


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