Week 13 // Extra Credit – Kyle Wadsworth

1) Do you like video games? If so, what are some video games you like to play?
2) Describe your experience. What happened? What did you like? What did you not like?

First off, I’m extremely impressed with how the game functions and I can foresee the possibilities and potential for this game. Awesome job Kyle!

I love video games, I’ve always grown up blessed with a playstation, N64, gameboy, etc. But in particular, once I was introduced to Counter-Strike, my world completely flipped over. I absolutely love first-person shooters, but by far Counter-Strike would have to be my most favorite game of all. However, apart from FPS I also love playing role-playing games such as Skyrim, Diablo, etc.

My experience with your game was completely satisfying. I personally don’t really enjoy puzzle games just because it consist of a lot of pondering and brain activity, but all in all, your game was more satisfying know that a classmate of mine created it. Your game really reminded me of Portal with how the mechanics of solving the puzzle works but it definitely still holds a unique style. I loved the variety of challenges you gave out, especially with the last map where you incorporated the drop boxes, lever, and the box. Overall, I’m excited for what’s more to come. Keep up the hard work!


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