Week 12 // Artist Interview – Ashley Sharpe


Meow. This week, I had an amazing opportunity to meet Ashley Sharpe and her exhibit “Meow.” After reading her artist statement, I got to learn that this exhibit wasn’t just about her love for cats, but it went much more deeper than that. For her, she suffered depression and anxiety because of changes in her life she had to overcome and with her strength and the help of her feline companions, she has overcome her obstacles. Cats are amazing and it’s not hard to see that the world loves them over the internet. The oh so iconic “Grumpy Cat” who has tons more followers on instagram than even human beings. Cat’s are celebrities and Ashley sees that as well. As I got to talk to her, she felt so bright and warm. She’s so bubbly and sweet that you just can’t deny that she’s love-able. Her exhibit also expresses her personality, with the gallery covered in different ways to showcase her art.

She expresses not only her work through graphic design but also from printmaking. Her techniques and passions are growing beyond her comfort zone of graphic arts. And with all her work obviously surrounded with the theme of Cats. Her work was not only cute but beautiful and intricate. I love the little details that she included throughout her gallery such as the glitter, yarn, etc.

Ashley Sharpe seems to be an amazing person with an amazing personality. I hope to see her dreams turn into realities and for success to come her way. Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity!


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