Week 12 // Activity – Procedural Art


1. Go to http://superlooper.universlabs.co.uk/

2. Start with setting your tempo

3. Next start with setting up your own drum beat.

4. Then set up with your own rhythm section.

5. Then your cords and bass if you choose too.

6. End it with setting up your lead.

7. Record it and share it on your wordpress.


I’ve always had a huge desire to create my own music, specifically my own beats. If I had resources, I would love to get myself an MPC which is an instrument that allows your to sample your own sounds to help you create your own beats. An MPC is wildly used in the DJing world so that they can create unique sounds that no one has ever heard before. This website gives me a chance to do something like that on a small scale.

After setting my desired tempo, I always like to start off with setting up my drum sounds. It gives me a good back ground to what I want to make.


Then from here I start to create my music piece. What I could make on the website is most techno because of what I am constraint with, but all in all, I try to have an upbeat sample no matter how I make it sound. I feel that music always stirs emotions and I’m the type of guy who hates being pessimistic even in my music.

Final Product:


I love the result I get through this program. And I know you will too. The possibilities from this is endless, and more than anything, it’s really a lot of fun. I could spend hours and hours dabbling on this website and creating more art.


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