Week 12 // Student Interview – Khadinh Tran

For this week, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Khadinh Tran. I got to know that she’s a sophomore who is majoring in healthcare administration, and aspires to become either a nurse or a physicians assistant. As I got to talk to her more and more, her personality felt very radiant and passionate. You could tell by way she talks that she really loves life and what life has given her. As I got to learn more about her, I learned that she loves to be active outdoors. Khadinh loves to shop, go to the beach, camp, anything she can do outside, she adores. And her willingness to step out of her comfort-zone aspires me to follow in her footsteps.

As she explained her upbringings and life, I can feel her heart that cares and seeks to help people. More than just doing the things she loves, she also explained how she loves to make people just as joyful as she is with life. That kind of heart is rare and something I constantly try to work on on myself. This complete selfless love for others.

I am deeply thankful for the opportunity that was given to meet Khadinh and what she has taught me. And again, I can’t wait to meet someone just as inspiring.


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