Week 11 // Activity – Sculpture


I really had a huge desire to work at the beach but because of time constraints, I had to make due and work with what I had at home… here’s my story.

I started off really stressed, not because I was worried about the work, but mainly because I couldn’t fulfill this activity at the beach. I tried my best to go, but it would have been much more responsible to just work diligently at home. So with the sun high in the sky, I started off with filling a bucket full of part soil and part sand. It definitely wasn’t the kind of sand texture you get from the beach but it was grainy and solid, so I gave it a try. With some effort in trying to get the sand mixture wet by pour some water as well as stirring, I created my mold. This part was quite tricky for that my hole to create my mold in was concealed in a bucket having this boundary for space. With some effort and tries, I got it the way I wanted and poured in the plaster. After waiting about thirty minutes, I wasn’t expecting it to come out so easily. “Dig your creation out…” I had no idea what that meant. But to my surprise, that was the easiest part and my creation was much more satisfying that I would have thought.

The details between the fingers shaping the hand left me thoroughly surprised. It got me thinking how much more possibilities there are with plaster. Plaster has two shapes where one is as fluid as water then when it sets, hard as a solid rock. I could see plaster being used in art to be shaped into pottery as well. All in all though, I am really glad that I got to do this assignment, even if it meant being done at home. Doing the activity made me feel as if I was at the beach, that’s what matters. Thank you.


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