Week 11 // Student Interview – Eugene Kaler

This week I had the privilege to talk to Eugene Kaler who is a Senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He is a man that aspires and dreams to one day work in the aerospace industry with the company Boeing. Eugene seems to have things all together, I got to learn that he figured out what he wanted to do pretty late but once he knew it was all set in stone from there. I’m willing to bet that it was a rough upbringing with all the changes he had to make from transferring schools and all, but he is a man of persistence and definitely gives me an understanding that he has goals to achieve.

I can’t say anything bad about this guy, I had a really easy and comfortable time talking to him. I enjoyed sharing information about myself but as well as Eugene getting into detail about his life as well. I really hope that his dreams and goals come to reality.

He also has an amazing talent and hobby of making cars. If you check out his website, he has pictures of his Audi A4 that he personally works on. That kind of hobby is definitely no joke, and all in all I really hope the best for him and for success to come his way!


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