Week 11 // Artist Interview – Kruse And Pena

If anyone asks me about how I feel which is my favorite style of art, I would have to say graffiti. Apart from the message that it “sometimes” can give out, I love the risky-ness of it, the possibility of getting in trouble, and overall if done for purely art, I absolutely love how the end product always comes out to be. Hip-hop culture and graffiti culture is linked together I would say. Reason I bring this up is because this week’s artists Kruse and Pena were born through the cultures of Graffiti. They both started off loving and doing graffiti art until they decided to form more conventional art styles while incorporating their passions.

Their gallery was named 5620 and displayed an array of art pieces, paintings, and more. One thing that I really enjoyed about their exhibit was that the moment you look closer to the details of their whole room was the moment you caught your eyes on something new. Every inch of that room had something to see. Both these guys were really easy to break conversation with. It made it that much more enjoyable to ask them more and more questions.

This week’s art gallery was definitely one of a kind and one to remember. I love the details that they put not only in their artwork but in their whole art gallery. Their whole display was intriguing and overall and experience that I hope I never forget.


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