Week 10 // Artist Interview – Dawn Ertle

This week’s artist that I got the honor to meet was Dawn Ertle. Her gallery was named “One Nation Under God.” and it displayed her amazing fabric skills of weaving threads together to make a piece. The materials she used to fulfill her artworks were yarn that she dyed, straws, plastic bags, and strawberry crates. My first thought walking into her gallery was music. Normally I never heard or maybe noticed that there was music but this time, that’s almost the very first thing I noticed. It was settle, quiet, and when asked about the music choice, Ertle exclaimed that the music’s sole purpose was for it to be extra noise.

Dawn Ertle was involved in making a difference within the Environmental Issues for 6 to 7 years. So one of her art pieces was dedicated towards bringing awareness to the climate and weather. So within her weaves, she used weather patterns to create her artwork, while also using plastic bags as part of her materials. I completely agree with how we must truly be more aware of how the climate has changed over a span of five years. The pictures of how drastic the water levels has dropped is breathtaking and terrifying. I’m glad that she represented this through her artwork and I hope that with awareness she can bring a difference.

Overall, the gallery was a true sight to see that I was very fond of. Her passion and personality is clearly shown in her artwork. I really enjoyed her weather piece and hope that that artwork can truly bring a difference to our home.


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