Week 10 // Student Interview – Eddie Fernandez

For this week’s student interview, I got the privilege to meet Eddie Fernandez. I took a different direction this week where in Eddie’s case he actually isn’t an enrolled student here at Cal State Long Beach, instead he was actually here because of his girlfriend Jasmine Ann Barnum. He originally resides at Oregon University, the home of the Ducks. He was in town visiting his girlfriend and was convinced into coming along with her to fulfill her art assignments. As I was saying hello to Jasmine I noticed him hovering over her just as a boyfriend would. He was wearing a white tee shirt, Oregon basketball shorts, and had a Oregon inspired Nike backpack. Coincidentally, I’m actually a huge Oregon football fan, ever since the era of LaMichael James, I fell in love with their football program. I asked Eddie if he was a fan as well where instead I received the shocking answer that that was actually where he went to school. After hearing that… I had to talk to him.

We walked around looking at the artwork for the week, and made “deep” conversation in regards to his life in Oregon. I got to learn that to him Oregon was actually his dream school as well. He initially fell in love with Oregon because of their competitive track team that they have. Even though he isn’t a part of the team yet, he aspires to be on the roster for next year’s 2015-2016 Track Team. I got to have an awesome conversation with someone who is even more eccentric. I’m truly thankful once again to have an opportunity to make a new friend.


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