Week 9 // Artist Interview – Michael Rollins.


An Artist that inspires to find his creativity through the concept of freedom, freedom in art. I was given the privilege to talk to artist Michael Rollins about his abstract painting. The key difference that I picked out from this kind of abstract painting compared to the ones we’ve got to see before was that he has no concept. His style or more over his ritual starts off with him splattering paint over a blank canvas and from there allowing his imagination to carry him from there.

I feel that his style is quite unorthodox but that that also makes him purely unique and specialized with what he does. He chooses to use colors that he feels are common to the human eye, especially red where he feels that it represents humanity or human flesh. Moreover, the painting that I got to carefully look at made me feel strangely satisfied. The color coordination and the fuse and gaps between the colors draws my attentions to seek out details. To me, looking at Michael Rollins’s painting felt just as satisfying as popping all the bubble wrap bubbles. That strange sensation of gratification through a deep and pleasant sigh. I thoroughly enjoyed this weeks artist interview and I am eager for what’s in store.


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