Week 9 // Student Interview – Jay Tilva


This man and I have some history to cover up. But all in good fun, Jay is actually the cousin of one of my bestfriend from high school. With this knowledge, Jay instantly became a good friend in my mind before I even got to speak another word. However, getting to know this guy was truly a blessing. More than anything, he’s extremely down to earth and just makes the conversation so lively and exciting. The moment we spoke, it just made sense that he was truly a good guy in a sense that he loves to have a good time, makes sure that everyone else is having a great time, and does all he can in his power to make things memorable, just like he did with our conversation.

I got to learn that Jay is coming close to finishing his years at Cal State Long Beach. He strives to finish school so that he can start his own business. His ambitions and goals are both admirable and contagious. Contagious where it makes me want to strive for bigger and greater goals than what I have to myself already. He makes me want to be a better person both in school and with family and friends. His personality is lively and friendly, and I can’t say nothing bad about this guy. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity that was given to meet him, and I am confident in saying that this will not be the last time we meet!


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