Week 9 // Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning

Cognitive Maps – From my bare memory, the building’s that I clearly remember are those that I see from where I usually park to where my class is. I always park at the Rec Center parking structures,  so I would almost be clueless to what the other side of the school is like. But my most priced building has to be our Kinesiology building where the future for us physical therapist, fitness trainers, gym rats, are born and raised. My typical Tuesday/Thursday ritual starts off with me struggling to find parking in the structure then walking past the rec center towards our kinesiology building, up the stairs, passed the Hall of Science building, towards our theater room.


Adopt A Building – Recreational Center


What a beautiful, tremendous building. I would consider it our pride and joy of Long Beach State. It’s upbringing started in September 10, 2010, while the vote to create this building start on 2007. Students actually voted YES to this building construction with a massive 74.7% saying yes and 25.2% saying no. This building was created for students, by students! On a normal school week, I would pass these doors maybe about 2-3 times a week. Most of the time to play basketball or even just hang out while watching others play ball. This gym is clean, well made, up to date with the finest equipment to workout with, and overall just a pleasant place to be at when you have down time. One of my friends works there as a Equipment Manager where she helps rents basketballs, towels, etc. etc. to the students. She enjoys it and realizes that everyone who goes to the Rec always just seems happier. I know that I definitely am.

Redesign The School


Everything has to be conveniently located near the parking structures. Currently with the way the school is set up, everything is so far out of reach. This week, I decided to see how far I truly walk to get from the Rec parking Structure to the complete opposite side which is the Library. The outcome is both devastating and shocking… a ridiculous 1.02 Miles! No wonder I’m sweating and panting as I get to class. Also, I can’t stop complaining about the stairs that we have… But with my design, parking is conveniently located right in the middle surrounded by all the classes. Four parking structures where you can decided which is best and quickest to get to class. With this design, school and life will be much easier.


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