Week 8 // Student Interview – Abby Luna //

This is almost sad to say but Abby was actually the first person to initiate a conversation with me. I was initially shocked because I really wasn’t mentally prepared (haha) to talk to anyone yet but at the same time, I was glad and almost relieved that someone has finally come to me to talk. My first impression of her was how politely she asked me if I had my conversation yet, I already made a judgement call that she was going to be really nice and haha surprise surprise she was. Her soft spoken voice and curiosity made it really easy for us to have constant conversation. I never once felt the conversation feeling dull at all.

I got to learn that she’s a first year and came from Downey. She’s a local which meant that coming to Long Beach came with the perk of having your high school friends close by your side, a feeling that I’m familiar with as well. We got to talk about how there’s positives to that, but also how it can also come with some negatives as well. We got to laugh and just enjoy each other’s company, I know I for sure did.

I honestly wish I got to talk to her more in a really informal setting rather than an “assignment” but I just hope that kind of opportunity comes up. All in all, I’m thankful for the opportunity that I was given through this class, thank you!


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