Week 8 // Artist Interview – Brian Davis //


The feeling of being apart of the art gallery itself arose this week, something that I would have never in my lifetime thought that I would feel. The moment he walked into class on Tuesday, I was already sold. His demeanor and vision for his gallery was truly one of a kind. This idea that his art was displaying life and his passion of juicing and just pure good company was both admirable and entertaining.

I got to learn that he really finds joy in his juicing and especially when he juices for others. In particular, he likes to juice both fruits and vegetables because of it’s distinguish earthy taste. I’m very familiar with juicing and it’s benefits as a Fitness major and I highly recommend anyone to get right into in. My mom juices, and I take a sip of her creations every once in awhile. I could never find myself to commit to a life of juice rather than a solid piece of steak.

His personality was radiant and he’s someone I would like to just have an hour long conversation with. Someone that I feel that has a massive heart and care for others and just wants to have pure fun with good company.


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