Week 7 // Student Interview – Richard Truong

Looking back, I shouldn’t be surprised that I constantly run into people that are from around me which is only just 15 minutes from CSULB (Cerritos). But every single time I meet someone from the area, it’s just a pleasant meet and greet which ultimately comes down with a sense of comfort knowing that we both come from the same place.

So on that note, Richard Truong is from Cerritos and came to Cal State Long Beach so that he could major in Accounting. He finds that he has some gravitational pull to numbers and just finds enjoyment in doing math… interesting.. haha but overall I told him that it’s admirable to know what you want to do and to strive for it.

His personality and humor made it easy for me to talk to him. As a 2nd year to a 1st year, I got to give him some advice in trying to get himself more involved with school especially since we’re commuters. How the toll of being in College but not BEING IN college just could weigh you down tremendously unless you’re proactive about it. I hope that he continues to strive after his goals and passion, and that he ultimately seeks joy and peace in whatever he does.


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