Week 7 // Artist Interview – Paradox


Artist Names : Clare Samani, Dana Bilmer, Emma Hankin, and Nancy Young

Clare Samani was the artist that was there during our time for our interview. Her explanation of what she wanted to do with her Print Making was that she wanted it to contradict the different kinds of print making. Set apart from the normality of what print making was made to be like. She explained how her pieces was designed to be set apart and that on normal she would spend about 8 hours finishing one of her artworks.

Her dedication for her work and the amount of effort that goes in can definitely show with the outcome of her pieces, and I personally thoroughly enjoyed looking at her artworks. In particular, I really enjoyed her black and white photos that she has created. I really love the contrast of the dark and light colorways that she implemented in her piece. She mentioned that a lot of the artwork had tons of meanings and also could symbolize for something.

Coming away from that gallery, I’ve come to appreciate now another art form that I haven’t been introduced to yet. Plus with how diverse the different types of paint making there are such as Lithography, Etching, Screenprinting, and Woodcut, comes to show that there can never be similar artworks in paint making. It’s all about experimenting and hopefully enjoying the end product.


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