Week 7 // Activity – Landscape Portrait

I always had a sense of fear running down my spine thinking about a confrontation of life or death in my very own home. These “What If” scenarios where What IF a thief came into my house thinking that no one was home but was surprised to catch me quietly hiding in my room so that I came make my deadly move? What would happen? Would I go through with it?

I really thought that this is a completely possible situation. Where a Robber can most definitely come sneaking around my house in the middle of the night hoping to come up on some cash or valuables or anything for that matter. But I like to think that I would put up a fight however, especially if it consisted of my parents live’s as well. The reason I included a knife or machete actually in the picture is because that’s actually what I really sleep next to (haha). You can never be too prepared!

This activity was fun just imagine the scenarios of WHAT IF? and just having fun with how could I take this photo to represent it’s morbidness. I like how you put it that it’s a gift to be able to walk away from death, and it really truly is. Life is fleeting, but I hope to live my life with ZERO regrets.


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