Week 6 // Student Interview – Hung Trinh

“He has a sick tattoo…” Ran through my mind as I saw Hung walking around gatov-west taking his photos. I wanted to ask him if he would allow me to ‘interview’ him but I wanted to also think of a way to confront him. The typical, “Hi, did you do your interview yet?” wasn’t going to cut it for this one. But….. it had to happen again anyways. So sad.

I learned that he grew up in Westminster and went to Westminster High School. So he was a local and figured that Long Beach would do him well for College. He’s major in Health Science and initially doesn’t exactly know what he want to do in the future. However as of now he’s responsible with a job as a receptionist at a Hair Salon. He almost sounded nervous as he told me, but we laughed a bit, and I thought to myself that he must be responsible where he’s willing to hustle and grind for money where it’s found.

It’s always admirable to see someone willing to grind on their own and make it for themselves. It almost seems like for my generation, we like being hand feed for too long. I think Hung made me realize that we all have to grow up, especially at our age and at this time, we have to work to not only do it for ourselves, but I think even more important we got to do it to give back to those who gave us so much.


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