Week 6 // Artist Interview – Alanna Marcelletti


Man, once again, an art piece that I haven’t seen before.. every week has been blowing my mind away. Alanna was so gentle and sweet in her tone of voice, it made it easy to ask her questions and it really didn’t feel like an interview this time, rather a conversation. Her art work was so unique where it had layers. The canvas was it’s foundation and the layers of silk like fabric on top. As you look into the piece, you feel it’s gentleness and definitely come to appreciate it’s work.

She explained that she even used part of a wedding dress in one of her pieces, and explained how she absolutely loves to paint and sculpture. She’s pregnant and told us that once her baby girl comes, she would probably start doing her artwork that was inspired by her baby. Alanna also explained how she would like to work with feminism within her artwork which is extremely unique and admirable.

I left the conversation realized that texture is so important in making an art piece stand out. And how much variety and creativity there is that can be done on a plain white canvas. Thank you Alanna for that insight.


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