Week 5 // Activity – Kickstarter

Technology //


This video really engaged my attention the entire time. More than anything, this “commercial” felt extremely professional and got to the point very quickly and precisely. After watching the whole video, I didn’t have any other questions in mind or even doubts with this project. I am a Fitness major, so I am a little biases to this invention, but without that clouding my judgement as much as possible, the video itself was purely enjoyable and I can say entertaining.


Now for this particular video, I didn’t find it too enjoyable. It felt way to narrated and almost felt like it dragged. By the two minute mark, I was already kind of bored. I really like the concept and what they have created, I believe that this invention will definitely benefit the biking community in a whole different way. But for the video’s standpoint, I really didn’t like how it felt almost predictable from the very beginning. Rather than the jump rope video, it felt clean and almost in motion. While this video had bumps and a monotone feel to it.

Games //


Now the reason why I enjoyed this video was because not only was it short, but it left me curious. The information that this video gave me was very little but I gave myself some conclusions, such as, this game looks like a mixture of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. After finishing the less than 2 minute video, I already went on their site. The video itself was not too well made, all it had was game play and music, but it really left me curious and wanting a lot more, which is why I picked this video as my favorite in the game section.


This video was just bland and very monotone in my opinion. The music itself was okay and the game play that it showed was just things that left me dead in my head. The narration again took me aimlessly looking at my screen. Comparing this video to Edge of Eternity’s it had more information and left me with knowing the game more, but it also left me just bored. I can’t explain it any better but being bored. I love the idea of the game and how it looks. Pixel-ated and rpg/survival game, I love that combination, but the video left me saying “Not for me…”


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