Week 9 // Artist Interview – Michael Rollins.


An Artist that inspires to find his creativity through the concept of freedom, freedom in art. I was given the privilege to talk to artist Michael Rollins about his abstract painting. The key difference that I picked out from this kind of abstract painting compared to the ones we’ve got to see before was that he has no concept. His style or more over his ritual starts off with him splattering paint over a blank canvas and from there allowing his imagination to carry him from there.

I feel that his style is quite unorthodox but that that also makes him purely unique and specialized with what he does. He chooses to use colors that he feels are common to the human eye, especially red where he feels that it represents humanity or human flesh. Moreover, the painting that I got to carefully look at made me feel strangely satisfied. The color coordination and the fuse and gaps between the colors draws my attentions to seek out details. To me, looking at Michael Rollins’s painting felt just as satisfying as popping all the bubble wrap bubbles. That strange sensation of gratification through a deep and pleasant sigh. I thoroughly enjoyed this weeks artist interview and I am eager for what’s in store.


Week 9 // Student Interview – Jay Tilva


This man and I have some history to cover up. But all in good fun, Jay is actually the cousin of one of my bestfriend from high school. With this knowledge, Jay instantly became a good friend in my mind before I even got to speak another word. However, getting to know this guy was truly a blessing. More than anything, he’s extremely down to earth and just makes the conversation so lively and exciting. The moment we spoke, it just made sense that he was truly a good guy in a sense that he loves to have a good time, makes sure that everyone else is having a great time, and does all he can in his power to make things memorable, just like he did with our conversation.

I got to learn that Jay is coming close to finishing his years at Cal State Long Beach. He strives to finish school so that he can start his own business. His ambitions and goals are both admirable and contagious. Contagious where it makes me want to strive for bigger and greater goals than what I have to myself already. He makes me want to be a better person both in school and with family and friends. His personality is lively and friendly, and I can’t say nothing bad about this guy. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity that was given to meet him, and I am confident in saying that this will not be the last time we meet!

Week 9 // Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning

Cognitive Maps – From my bare memory, the building’s that I clearly remember are those that I see from where I usually park to where my class is. I always park at the Rec Center parking structures,  so I would almost be clueless to what the other side of the school is like. But my most priced building has to be our Kinesiology building where the future for us physical therapist, fitness trainers, gym rats, are born and raised. My typical Tuesday/Thursday ritual starts off with me struggling to find parking in the structure then walking past the rec center towards our kinesiology building, up the stairs, passed the Hall of Science building, towards our theater room.


Adopt A Building – Recreational Center


What a beautiful, tremendous building. I would consider it our pride and joy of Long Beach State. It’s upbringing started in September 10, 2010, while the vote to create this building start on 2007. Students actually voted YES to this building construction with a massive 74.7% saying yes and 25.2% saying no. This building was created for students, by students! On a normal school week, I would pass these doors maybe about 2-3 times a week. Most of the time to play basketball or even just hang out while watching others play ball. This gym is clean, well made, up to date with the finest equipment to workout with, and overall just a pleasant place to be at when you have down time. One of my friends works there as a Equipment Manager where she helps rents basketballs, towels, etc. etc. to the students. She enjoys it and realizes that everyone who goes to the Rec always just seems happier. I know that I definitely am.

Redesign The School


Everything has to be conveniently located near the parking structures. Currently with the way the school is set up, everything is so far out of reach. This week, I decided to see how far I truly walk to get from the Rec parking Structure to the complete opposite side which is the Library. The outcome is both devastating and shocking… a ridiculous 1.02 Miles! No wonder I’m sweating and panting as I get to class. Also, I can’t stop complaining about the stairs that we have… But with my design, parking is conveniently located right in the middle surrounded by all the classes. Four parking structures where you can decided which is best and quickest to get to class. With this design, school and life will be much easier.

Week 8 // Activity – Remix Culture //

So for this week’s activity, it definitely got me realizing how much the internet has changed the “game.” That truly with the advances we’ve made not only in technology but in art, media, life, it just calls for new and innovated things. But with this activity of remixing something, I decided to remix a song that I always joked about with my church friends. As a Chrisitian, songs like “CoCo” By O.T. Genesis, is just both hilarious and absurd. I’m against the lyrics, but I still like hearing music and being updated with the current pop culture (really nothing wrong with that).

My friends from my church would always chant “I’m in love with the Bible…” along with the beat dubbing the original “I’m in love with the CoCo…” so here’s what I came up with….

Original: (Chorus)

I’m in love with the coco

I’m in love with the coco

I got it for the low, low
I’m in love with the coco

Remix : (Chorus)

I’m in love with the Bible.

I’m in Love with the Bible.

It tells me bout the Gospel.

I’m in Love with the Bible.

Original: (Verse 1)

Hit my plug, that’s my cholo (mi amigo)
Cause he got it for the low, low
If you snitchin’ I go loco (go crazy)
Hit you with that treinta ocho
Niggas thinkin’ that I’m solo
Fifty deep, they like, “oh, no”
Heard the feds takin’ photos
I know nothin’, fuck the popo

Remix: (Verse 1)

Bible Speaks about the Gospel

Now I’m living a new Model

Born to life with all this Sin, Sin

Promises that that’s all Fin, Fin.

And He pulled me out of Darkness

He showed a Sinner Kindness.

That’s my only God, That’s my only God.

Yupp, haha thank you for this enjoyable opportunity!

here’s a link to the beat!

Week 8 // Artist Interview – Brian Davis //


The feeling of being apart of the art gallery itself arose this week, something that I would have never in my lifetime thought that I would feel. The moment he walked into class on Tuesday, I was already sold. His demeanor and vision for his gallery was truly one of a kind. This idea that his art was displaying life and his passion of juicing and just pure good company was both admirable and entertaining.

I got to learn that he really finds joy in his juicing and especially when he juices for others. In particular, he likes to juice both fruits and vegetables because of it’s distinguish earthy taste. I’m very familiar with juicing and it’s benefits as a Fitness major and I highly recommend anyone to get right into in. My mom juices, and I take a sip of her creations every once in awhile. I could never find myself to commit to a life of juice rather than a solid piece of steak.

His personality was radiant and he’s someone I would like to just have an hour long conversation with. Someone that I feel that has a massive heart and care for others and just wants to have pure fun with good company.

Week 8 // Student Interview – Abby Luna //

This is almost sad to say but Abby was actually the first person to initiate a conversation with me. I was initially shocked because I really wasn’t mentally prepared (haha) to talk to anyone yet but at the same time, I was glad and almost relieved that someone has finally come to me to talk. My first impression of her was how politely she asked me if I had my conversation yet, I already made a judgement call that she was going to be really nice and haha surprise surprise she was. Her soft spoken voice and curiosity made it really easy for us to have constant conversation. I never once felt the conversation feeling dull at all.

I got to learn that she’s a first year and came from Downey. She’s a local which meant that coming to Long Beach came with the perk of having your high school friends close by your side, a feeling that I’m familiar with as well. We got to talk about how there’s positives to that, but also how it can also come with some negatives as well. We got to laugh and just enjoy each other’s company, I know I for sure did.

I honestly wish I got to talk to her more in a really informal setting rather than an “assignment” but I just hope that kind of opportunity comes up. All in all, I’m thankful for the opportunity that I was given through this class, thank you!

Week 7 // Artist Interview – Paradox


Artist Names : Clare Samani, Dana Bilmer, Emma Hankin, and Nancy Young

Clare Samani was the artist that was there during our time for our interview. Her explanation of what she wanted to do with her Print Making was that she wanted it to contradict the different kinds of print making. Set apart from the normality of what print making was made to be like. She explained how her pieces was designed to be set apart and that on normal she would spend about 8 hours finishing one of her artworks.

Her dedication for her work and the amount of effort that goes in can definitely show with the outcome of her pieces, and I personally thoroughly enjoyed looking at her artworks. In particular, I really enjoyed her black and white photos that she has created. I really love the contrast of the dark and light colorways that she implemented in her piece. She mentioned that a lot of the artwork had tons of meanings and also could symbolize for something.

Coming away from that gallery, I’ve come to appreciate now another art form that I haven’t been introduced to yet. Plus with how diverse the different types of paint making there are such as Lithography, Etching, Screenprinting, and Woodcut, comes to show that there can never be similar artworks in paint making. It’s all about experimenting and hopefully enjoying the end product.

Week 7 // Activity – Landscape Portrait

I always had a sense of fear running down my spine thinking about a confrontation of life or death in my very own home. These “What If” scenarios where What IF a thief came into my house thinking that no one was home but was surprised to catch me quietly hiding in my room so that I came make my deadly move? What would happen? Would I go through with it?

I really thought that this is a completely possible situation. Where a Robber can most definitely come sneaking around my house in the middle of the night hoping to come up on some cash or valuables or anything for that matter. But I like to think that I would put up a fight however, especially if it consisted of my parents live’s as well. The reason I included a knife or machete actually in the picture is because that’s actually what I really sleep next to (haha). You can never be too prepared!

This activity was fun just imagine the scenarios of WHAT IF? and just having fun with how could I take this photo to represent it’s morbidness. I like how you put it that it’s a gift to be able to walk away from death, and it really truly is. Life is fleeting, but I hope to live my life with ZERO regrets.

Week 7 // Student Interview – Richard Truong

Looking back, I shouldn’t be surprised that I constantly run into people that are from around me which is only just 15 minutes from CSULB (Cerritos). But every single time I meet someone from the area, it’s just a pleasant meet and greet which ultimately comes down with a sense of comfort knowing that we both come from the same place.

So on that note, Richard Truong is from Cerritos and came to Cal State Long Beach so that he could major in Accounting. He finds that he has some gravitational pull to numbers and just finds enjoyment in doing math… interesting.. haha but overall I told him that it’s admirable to know what you want to do and to strive for it.

His personality and humor made it easy for me to talk to him. As a 2nd year to a 1st year, I got to give him some advice in trying to get himself more involved with school especially since we’re commuters. How the toll of being in College but not BEING IN college just could weigh you down tremendously unless you’re proactive about it. I hope that he continues to strive after his goals and passion, and that he ultimately seeks joy and peace in whatever he does.

Week 6 // Artist Interview – Alanna Marcelletti


Man, once again, an art piece that I haven’t seen before.. every week has been blowing my mind away. Alanna was so gentle and sweet in her tone of voice, it made it easy to ask her questions and it really didn’t feel like an interview this time, rather a conversation. Her art work was so unique where it had layers. The canvas was it’s foundation and the layers of silk like fabric on top. As you look into the piece, you feel it’s gentleness and definitely come to appreciate it’s work.

She explained that she even used part of a wedding dress in one of her pieces, and explained how she absolutely loves to paint and sculpture. She’s pregnant and told us that once her baby girl comes, she would probably start doing her artwork that was inspired by her baby. Alanna also explained how she would like to work with feminism within her artwork which is extremely unique and admirable.

I left the conversation realized that texture is so important in making an art piece stand out. And how much variety and creativity there is that can be done on a plain white canvas. Thank you Alanna for that insight.