Week 5 // Student Interview – Matt Do //

The instant I met this guy, I already knew it was going to be an awesome conversation. His personality was definitely bright and welcoming from the very start, and what I mean by that is how openly friendly he was to me from the moment we broke conversation. He and his girlfriend were casually going around, finishing up their assignment for the day and they also seemed to have so much fun in each other’s company. That settle impression left me knowing that he must be a solid guy.

The vibe that I had from talking to him was just really engaging the whole time. He aspires to become a firefighter so he’s on his path to finishing his E.M.T. training. Whenever I meet anyone that aspires to become a firefighter or military, I instantly grow tons of respect for that person. Someone who is willing to lay down the ultimate sacrifice for someone else, man there’s nothing that describes that.

Overall, my conversation with Matt was too short in my opinion, and I would truly love to get another opportunity to get to talk to him and hopefully learn more about him. But for now, whoever gets to meet him next week will have a great conversation, no doubt.


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