Week 5 // Artist Interview – Dianna Franco //


Most memorable conversation I ever had with an artist so far…

She was so nice and polite in her way of speech that it really engaged my attention in the conversation. Her art piece was definitely more unique in terms of it’s style. It seems like I always say that I’ve never seen this kind of art, but really, I’ve never seen this kind of style of art. She said that her inspiration comes from outer space and I can see what she means.

The balances of her colors truly exaggerates her style of art, where she blends darker colors on the outside and brighter colors in the inside. Also another technique that she implements is where she doesn’t name her art pieces. She explained that for her art, she wants it also to be made by her audience as well. She wants people to look at her piece and make a story of it on their own. The art piece I took a picture of to me first just looked like an abstract painting of purple and blue colors. But as I look carefully and more in dept, I see bricks and for me it looks like foundation.

Overall, I had a pleasure talking to Dianna and I really hope to see her work again in the near future.


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