Week 4 // Artist Interview – Daniel A. Rivera-Echeverria //


A man with very little words. He was just so different from the other Artists that I’ve got to talk to from the past two weeks. For him, when someone would ask a question, he would answer but mainly direct it back to his art piece for it to speak for itself. I like that, but at the same time, I would love to get his feed back on some of the things that he truly meant for a purpose in his piece.

He mentioned that he loves art, that as he grew up, sports was in his radar but never found its place in his heart because he felt that he was never really good at it. But art… art was a different story/path for him. Daniel fell in love with expressing himself through his paintings, sculptures, etc. And the piece that was on display for him was abstract in my mind where at first glance, I had to ask myself, “what the heck am I looking at…” But oddly enough, it really captured my attention, and really brought in tons of questions of why he did this.

His vision for his piece was that he wanted it to be unique… different from anything that anyone has ever seen before. And one way he did that was the fact that you could physically interact with his piece. His artwork was made of boxes of scrape paper that was torn in different ways that let off light from the backdrop. He mentioned that you could go and grab one and even take one home after 5 p.m. That was completely a back-swing to my face because I truly have never heard such a thing before. But it definitely let off an impression of him, “Interesting.”


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