Week 4 // Activity – “The Mina (Joseph) Show //


For this weeks activity, the main theme what I tried to push myself to do is go beyond my comfort zone. I’m naturally an introvert, where my room is my kingdom and I hate having to come out of my house. But all in all, I know how unhealthy it is without zero interaction. So what I decided to do for my activity was to go on a spontaneous trip with one friend who I haven’t gotten a good chance to get to know very well.

My friend’s name was Raymond, and I asked him to keep me company on this spontaneous hike. My friend Ray has been at my church for about two years but I never really got the chance to meet him. Especially with my introverted-ness, I had self-confidence issues, just negatives thoughts about meeting this specific guy. But instead, I saw this as an awesome opportunity for me to go beyond my “normal” self and to reach out to this brother.

For our hike, I was recommended by a close friend to go on this trail by Lake Elsinore. The beauty of Lake Elsinore was absolutely stunning but also it’s on the way to San Diego. So we got the have a whole day trip of just hiking, getting to know one another, and just enjoying each other’s company. I realized by the end of the day, that I was extremely exhausted. Maybe from the hike, maybe from talking about and laughing, but maybe it was the effort I had to put in meeting someone new. But from that exhaustion, what I also felt was satisfaction. Where I was glad that I got this opportunity, and more than anything, I got to actually go outside my comfort zone, and really bless another person that naturally I would never ever ever ever do.


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