Week 3 // Student Interview – Hunter Dimas //


My first impression of the dude was that he had a nice camera (DSLR, I believe a Nikon, I might be wrong.. sorry) and that he waited patiently to get his “perfect” shot. I already had ideas on what I wanted to ask him, things like, are there any specific things you look for in your shot or what do you like to shoot? And with those simple questions, I got to learn so much more than just the answers that are intended.

He mentioned how he’s not really into photography too much but enjoys capturing the moments especially in nature. Which then I learned that he bought his camera because he loves to take pictures on his hiking/camping trips. He goes every year or even every chance that he could, he shared with me his stories on hiking Half Dome in Yosemite and finding new and exciting trails that led to amazing views. Oddly enough, I also really enjoy hiking/camping and experiencing that deep breathe you get when you make it to the top. That sudden moment where you feel oh so insignificant but then a rush of understanding that this is what beauty really means and that I’m apart of it. My conversation with Hunter led me to learn that he goes camping with his family, which made me understand that he obviously gets the privilege to share priceless memories that sadly not many people get to have. That truth made me appreciate Hunter all the more, where it’s easy to think that once you’re in college that life is all yours and yours alone, which might or might not be true, Hunter decides to take steps into cherishing what’s more important (I believe) which is to make most of your family.


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