Week 3 // Activity – Instagram //


Take at least four photos and use the #art110s15.. simple enough. But what comes from it with a class of 127+ students makes truly a gallery with mixed arenas of life. I posted a picture of my dog, basketball because ballislife, my new friend Hunter who I met that day, and the Pyramid of CSULB. These photos of mine represented what means a lot to me. My dog, which means more than just him, but family. I love him and I truly love my family for all that they are. Basketball because ballislife. Just kidding, but really, Basketball brings people together, from all over the world. I had an opportunity this summer to go to Japan for a mission trip. Initially, it would be hard to start a conversation with a complete stranger, but with men + basketball + conversation… that discussion will never end, even with a stranger. Basketball truly creates friendship, well at least sometimes… heh. Hunter, I mean when is making a new friend not exciting… The Pyramid, which symbolizes my pride for being a StrongBeach Student.

From looking at other’s photos and post, I concluded that we are all pretty different. I see pictures of fashion, food, their work, shameless selfies, but to me with all that going on, it makes me happy and joyful to see that we are all different. It tells me that we aren’t just what society makes us to be, yeah we love food like everyone else, yeah we have hobbies, yeah we have jobs, etc etc, but we all have our different ways of expressing our joy and love. In the end, I see 500+ photos of difference, striving to see that we are all so different but then we are all so unique. We have our own flare of the way we take our photos, and in our eyes… their perfect or the way we define perfection. Maybe someone might not like it, but then again, someone that you don’t even know might just double tap your photo in delight. We all have our hobbies which might be the same like basketball, but they way we perceive it is so different. But I love that.


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