Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley “Layers Of the Unwanted Glass.”


Maccabee Shelley, even from the photo of him you can tell that he has passion in what he does. His artwork and style is truly one of a kind, I really have never seen anything like it. What caught my attention to investigate his artwork more carefully was that it made me reminisce that time where as a family we went on a vacation to Yellowstone. There we got the chance to stop by a “Crystal Cave” where beautiful forms of rock were sculpted by mother nature. Shelley’s artwork consisted of him sculpting his art pieces by finding glass with no redemption value, simply described as “trash,” but instead Shelley forms these ‘Trash glass’ into beautiful pieces of vagrant colors and shapes of all form. His passion in being environmentally green and following his dream of being an artist can’t be fulfilled in any other better way (in my opinion) than what he’s accomplishing right now this very moment. He has truly instilled in me a new eye for art where art doesn’t just have to consist of clay or paint, but instead artist these days can truly go above and beyond and find different ways to express their passion such as Shelley and his Glass.

Now, from getting to talk to him and also hearing other students ask him questions, I got to learn that it takes him about 100 hours on average for one big piece to be completed. Also that he tends to use green or yellow bottles because of its easy to find this glass where as finding a blue bottle for him is like finding real money. It’s extremely rare for him to come by a blue glass bottle.


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