Classmate interview – Jasmine Barnum!

It was truly a delight getting to know Jasmine, I just knew from the very moment we started to rise conversations with each other I knew that it was going to be more than good. I learned and got to know that she was a Health Science major who is aspiring to become an Occupation Therapist, which already caught my attention because I actually want to become a physical therapist for the Navy. This fact about her already made it extremely easy to talk to her and I just had to figure out her reason for wanting to become an OT (occupational therapist). I learned that she lives with her disabled aunt, and while Jasmine’s mother is out late from home because of work, Jasmine and her sisters has to take care of her aunt. There she understood and grew a heart for wanting to more than care but truly help those who are in need. That passion she has really hit home and hearing her talk about school, family, and all, it made me understand that she is one caring, loving, and passionate individual.


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