Week 5 // Artist Interview – Dianna Franco //


Most memorable conversation I ever had with an artist so far…

She was so nice and polite in her way of speech that it really engaged my attention in the conversation. Her art piece was definitely more unique in terms of it’s style. It seems like I always say that I’ve never seen this kind of art, but really, I’ve never seen this kind of style of art. She said that her inspiration comes from outer space and I can see what she means.

The balances of her colors truly exaggerates her style of art, where she blends darker colors on the outside and brighter colors in the inside. Also another technique that she implements is where she doesn’t name her art pieces. She explained that for her art, she wants it also to be made by her audience as well. She wants people to look at her piece and make a story of it on their own. The art piece I took a picture of to me first just looked like an abstract painting of purple and blue colors. But as I look carefully and more in dept, I see bricks and for me it looks like foundation.

Overall, I had a pleasure talking to Dianna and I really hope to see her work again in the near future.


Week 5 // Student Interview – Matt Do //

The instant I met this guy, I already knew it was going to be an awesome conversation. His personality was definitely bright and welcoming from the very start, and what I mean by that is how openly friendly he was to me from the moment we broke conversation. He and his girlfriend were casually going around, finishing up their assignment for the day and they also seemed to have so much fun in each other’s company. That settle impression left me knowing that he must be a solid guy.

The vibe that I had from talking to him was just really engaging the whole time. He aspires to become a firefighter so he’s on his path to finishing his E.M.T. training. Whenever I meet anyone that aspires to become a firefighter or military, I instantly grow tons of respect for that person. Someone who is willing to lay down the ultimate sacrifice for someone else, man there’s nothing that describes that.

Overall, my conversation with Matt was too short in my opinion, and I would truly love to get another opportunity to get to talk to him and hopefully learn more about him. But for now, whoever gets to meet him next week will have a great conversation, no doubt.

Week 4 // Activity – “The Mina (Joseph) Show //


For this weeks activity, the main theme what I tried to push myself to do is go beyond my comfort zone. I’m naturally an introvert, where my room is my kingdom and I hate having to come out of my house. But all in all, I know how unhealthy it is without zero interaction. So what I decided to do for my activity was to go on a spontaneous trip with one friend who I haven’t gotten a good chance to get to know very well.

My friend’s name was Raymond, and I asked him to keep me company on this spontaneous hike. My friend Ray has been at my church for about two years but I never really got the chance to meet him. Especially with my introverted-ness, I had self-confidence issues, just negatives thoughts about meeting this specific guy. But instead, I saw this as an awesome opportunity for me to go beyond my “normal” self and to reach out to this brother.

For our hike, I was recommended by a close friend to go on this trail by Lake Elsinore. The beauty of Lake Elsinore was absolutely stunning but also it’s on the way to San Diego. So we got the have a whole day trip of just hiking, getting to know one another, and just enjoying each other’s company. I realized by the end of the day, that I was extremely exhausted. Maybe from the hike, maybe from talking about and laughing, but maybe it was the effort I had to put in meeting someone new. But from that exhaustion, what I also felt was satisfaction. Where I was glad that I got this opportunity, and more than anything, I got to actually go outside my comfort zone, and really bless another person that naturally I would never ever ever ever do.

Week 4 // Artist Interview – Daniel A. Rivera-Echeverria //


A man with very little words. He was just so different from the other Artists that I’ve got to talk to from the past two weeks. For him, when someone would ask a question, he would answer but mainly direct it back to his art piece for it to speak for itself. I like that, but at the same time, I would love to get his feed back on some of the things that he truly meant for a purpose in his piece.

He mentioned that he loves art, that as he grew up, sports was in his radar but never found its place in his heart because he felt that he was never really good at it. But art… art was a different story/path for him. Daniel fell in love with expressing himself through his paintings, sculptures, etc. And the piece that was on display for him was abstract in my mind where at first glance, I had to ask myself, “what the heck am I looking at…” But oddly enough, it really captured my attention, and really brought in tons of questions of why he did this.

His vision for his piece was that he wanted it to be unique… different from anything that anyone has ever seen before. And one way he did that was the fact that you could physically interact with his piece. His artwork was made of boxes of scrape paper that was torn in different ways that let off light from the backdrop. He mentioned that you could go and grab one and even take one home after 5 p.m. That was completely a back-swing to my face because I truly have never heard such a thing before. But it definitely let off an impression of him, “Interesting.”

Week 4 // Student Interview – Zach Kim

My first impression of the dude was how diligent he was to his current work which was making that flash card ID. His drawing was of the standard CSULB ID card but was half-finished so I wasn’t able to get a glimpse of his final product. I asked him “politely” if he would allow me to interview him as my student portion of this week. He gladly agreed with him also replying that he hasn’t found a partner yet either. As we got further into our conversation, I got to learn that he was from Fullerton and attended a church that I am very well familiar with, Fullerton Presbyterian Church. I actually by coincidence have a friend that went to Japan with me over this summer on missions that attended that church as well. We got a chance to share some laughs and make fun of him as well as share thoughts of each other’s church.

Apart from learning about his church, I learned that he has a passion in film but doesn’t exactly know what he wants to do with his life. He is a Freshman that doesn’t exactly have an idea of what his future holds, but I could tell that he has aspirations that might not be of the norm. His personality almost seemed delicate, but at the same time I knew that he had holding onto his shell tightly as I was conversing with him. I look forward to the day where I could crack that shell and bit more and see his introverted-extroverted side.

All in all, it was an awesome experience to meet someone that I almost felt like I already knew so well, even before I came up to him to ask if he would be my partner.

Week 3 // Activity – Instagram //


Take at least four photos and use the #art110s15.. simple enough. But what comes from it with a class of 127+ students makes truly a gallery with mixed arenas of life. I posted a picture of my dog, basketball because ballislife, my new friend Hunter who I met that day, and the Pyramid of CSULB. These photos of mine represented what means a lot to me. My dog, which means more than just him, but family. I love him and I truly love my family for all that they are. Basketball because ballislife. Just kidding, but really, Basketball brings people together, from all over the world. I had an opportunity this summer to go to Japan for a mission trip. Initially, it would be hard to start a conversation with a complete stranger, but with men + basketball + conversation… that discussion will never end, even with a stranger. Basketball truly creates friendship, well at least sometimes… heh. Hunter, I mean when is making a new friend not exciting… The Pyramid, which symbolizes my pride for being a StrongBeach Student.

From looking at other’s photos and post, I concluded that we are all pretty different. I see pictures of fashion, food, their work, shameless selfies, but to me with all that going on, it makes me happy and joyful to see that we are all different. It tells me that we aren’t just what society makes us to be, yeah we love food like everyone else, yeah we have hobbies, yeah we have jobs, etc etc, but we all have our different ways of expressing our joy and love. In the end, I see 500+ photos of difference, striving to see that we are all so different but then we are all so unique. We have our own flare of the way we take our photos, and in our eyes… their perfect or the way we define perfection. Maybe someone might not like it, but then again, someone that you don’t even know might just double tap your photo in delight. We all have our hobbies which might be the same like basketball, but they way we perceive it is so different. But I love that.

Week 3 // Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak //


An artist with a view…

A hilltop view in fact. I got to learn that Yireh lives in a house on top of a hill which then gives her tons of inspiration to paint her masterpieces. She considers herself an oil painter and wants her artwork to speak of nature and it’s enemy, pollution. She named her gallery “Harmony and Discordance where she explained that Harmony is used to describe the harmonious side of nature. Where she believes that nature is honest in that it grows with exactly what it’s fed. If that plant is grown with bad soil, it will grow badly, where as if the soil is rich and good, it will grow beautifully. And Discordance was used to describe pollution rotting the beauty of nature. She used an example of a coal powered factory or even a freeway loaded with gasoline powered vehicles.¬†She also worked with her partner where they split the work in terms of Yireh painted the more vibrant and ‘green’ artwork whereas her partner did the dirty, yet beautifully drawn, pollution artwork.

What spoke to me about her was that as she talked, I could already sense that not only does she paint her art, but live out her artwork. What I mean by that is where she seems to very realistically paint her pieces then make an conscious effort into making it known that “Hey, there’s a problem here, and we need to know about it.” I never got the chance to ask her what she wanted to accomplish from her artwork, but I could already tell that her goal was ultimately to grab her audience’s attention to the clear reality of the beauty of nature getting ripped apart by pollution… which WE are the cause of. With knowing a problem, there’s always a solution. We could ride a bike, recycle, reduce, reuse…. make the world GREEN!

Week 3 // Student Interview – Hunter Dimas //


My first impression of the dude was that he had a nice camera (DSLR, I believe a Nikon, I might be wrong.. sorry) and that he waited patiently to get his “perfect” shot. I already had ideas on what I wanted to ask him, things like, are there any specific things you look for in your shot or what do you like to shoot? And with those simple questions, I got to learn so much more than just the answers that are intended.

He mentioned how he’s not really into photography too much but enjoys capturing the moments especially in nature. Which then I learned that he bought his camera because he loves to take pictures on his hiking/camping trips. He goes every year or even every chance that he could, he shared with me his stories on hiking Half Dome in Yosemite and finding new and exciting trails that led to amazing views. Oddly enough, I also really enjoy hiking/camping and experiencing that deep breathe you get when you make it to the top. That sudden moment where you feel oh so insignificant but then a rush of understanding that this is what beauty really means and that I’m apart of it. My conversation with Hunter led me to learn that he goes camping with his family, which made me understand that he obviously gets the privilege to share priceless memories that sadly not many people get to have. That truth made me appreciate Hunter all the more, where it’s easy to think that once you’re in college that life is all yours and yours alone, which might or might not be true, Hunter decides to take steps into cherishing what’s more important (I believe) which is to make most of your family.

Classmate interview – Jasmine Barnum!

It was truly a delight getting to know Jasmine, I just knew from the very moment we started to rise conversations with each other I knew that it was going to be more than good. I learned and got to know that she was a Health Science major who is aspiring to become an Occupation Therapist, which already caught my attention because I actually want to become a physical therapist for the Navy. This fact about her already made it extremely easy to talk to her and I just had to figure out her reason for wanting to become an OT (occupational therapist). I learned that she lives with her disabled aunt, and while Jasmine’s mother is out late from home because of work, Jasmine and her sisters has to take care of her aunt. There she understood and grew a heart for wanting to more than care but truly help those who are in need. That passion she has really hit home and hearing her talk about school, family, and all, it made me understand that she is one caring, loving, and passionate individual.

Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley “Layers Of the Unwanted Glass.”


Maccabee Shelley, even from the photo of him you can tell that he has passion in what he does. His artwork and style is truly one of a kind, I really have never seen anything like it. What caught my attention to investigate his artwork more carefully was that it made me reminisce that time where as a family we went on a vacation to Yellowstone. There we got the chance to stop by a “Crystal Cave” where beautiful forms of rock were sculpted by mother nature. Shelley’s artwork consisted of him sculpting his art pieces by finding glass with no redemption value, simply described as “trash,” but instead Shelley forms these ‘Trash glass’ into beautiful pieces of vagrant colors and shapes of all form. His passion in being environmentally green and following his dream of being an artist can’t be fulfilled in any other better way (in my opinion) than what he’s accomplishing right now this very moment. He has truly instilled in me a new eye for art where art doesn’t just have to consist of clay or paint, but instead artist these days can truly go above and beyond and find different ways to express their passion such as Shelley and his Glass.

Now, from getting to talk to him and also hearing other students ask him questions, I got to learn that it takes him about 100 hours on average for one big piece to be completed. Also that he tends to use green or yellow bottles because of its easy to find this glass where as finding a blue bottle for him is like finding real money. It’s extremely rare for him to come by a blue glass bottle.